Our Services

We relish the opportunity to assist organisations with their software requirements and offer a range of services including bespoke solutions, development outsourcing and consultancy on a wide range of platforms and technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, Angular, Umbraco, ASP.NET MVC and more...

Bespoke Solutions

We deliver end-to-end software solutions that are customized to your business requirements. We will assist you throughout the entire project lifecycle and will offer our continued support to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.


We provide highly skilled software development resources to work on projects within your organisation, making it easy to extend your development team when you need it the most. We are located in a central location (CET) and speak multiple languages fluently.


We are always available to provide organisations with guidance and recommendations on the optimal software solutions and architectures. Our most popular offerings include consultancy around Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and data migration from legacy systems. Furthermore, we also can lend a hand in optimizing your existing core business applications if they are acting up or not meeting your requirements.

Public Facing Sites

We have extensive experience in building modern public facing sites that deliver the organisation's message across in a user friendly, device friendly way. Our developers take great care in their work, and our QA processes ensure that the site is optimized, scalable and maintainable. Our offerings also include sites built on a variety of Content Management Systems such as SharePoint and Umbraco.

Intranet Sites

We understand that a successful Intranet implementation must cater for the specific needs of an organisation, and must present users with the right features and information. We don't believe that intranets fall under the 'one size fits all' category, and will work together with you to design a tailor made intranet built from scratch or on top of the SharePoint platform.

Business Applications

We appreciate that a key ingredient for success within organisations is the software that the business runs on, and are proud to deliver solutions that increase business revenue, automate key business processes, and reduce both costs risks.

Our Technologies

These are the technologies and frameworks we are passionate about and love working with...


Development of web applications using the various ASP.NET tools such as MVC, Web API, Single Page Applications, SignalR, and more…


Customizatons of cloud-hosted and on-premise SharePoint platforms, and the development of intranets, extranets, public facing websites, as well as SharePoint Apps.

Office 365

Customization of SharePoint Online, integration with OneDrive, Exchange, Yammer and consultancy around the leading solution for collaboration and productivity.

SQL Server

Implementation, optimization and support of databases running on Microsoft’s leading database management system.


Development of rich client-side applications using one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that facilitates the development of sophisticated browser-based applications.


Implementations of web sites using one of the most popular open-source Content Management System within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Our Products


InScope is an AML-CFT compliance tool, designed to assist subject persons comply with the European Unionโ€™s Fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive as well as guidelines issued by local regulators.


Cleverbit Software is a B2B startup set up by experienced individuals who have a passion for delivering software solutions that help maximise business value while providing a first class end user experience.

Based in Malta (EU)
We are based on the small sunny island of Malta, located in the center of the Mediterranean, with sandy beaches, great weather and a thriving IT industry. The majority of the population speaks multiple languages fluently, with the two main languages being Maltese and English.

Founded in 2016
Founded by a group of individuals with the same beliefs and motivations, on a mission to create a great working environment which attracts local talent and promotes quality and creativity.

  • We are all developers at heart, with a passion for software done right. We pride ourselves in paying attention to every detail and accommodating your needs and business requirements with tailor made software solutions.

  • We truly believe that great software cannot be rushed and its implementation needs to follow industry best practices. We are always looking to improve our products and services, to provide our customers and users with a better experience, which is both efficient and enjoyable.

Quick ROI

We believe that users should reap the benefits of a software solution right from the very beginning. As such, we always build and deliver software in short, incremental releases, allowing users to evaluate the solution as early as possible, and use the most important features from the start.

Software users enjoy using

One of our primary objectives in every project is to provide users with a great experience, which is easily understood, familiar, customizable and specific to their needs. We understand that user acceptance is a critical factor in every project, and will work with you to ensure that adoption is as high as possible.

Working software is the primary measure of progress

We believe that there is no better method to measure progress other than the working software itself. By delivering tested software regularly and iteratively, we ensure that every stakeholder can clearly understand the status of the project, the value of the features delivered, and the importance of the features still be implemented.

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

We strongly believe that together, we should spend more time understanding the needs and requirements of the business and its employees, rather than focusing on negotiating contracts. That way, we can provide you with the right solution to cater for your business needs. We also believe that contracts should be flexible enough, to accommodate changing requirements, feedback loops and an agile collaborative approach.

Early and Continuous Delivery

We believe that all projects should be developed in small bite-sized pieces, delivered in incremental releases. This allows you, the client, to better gauge the benefits and features of the product, and allows you to change your requirements if necessary.

Welcome Changing Requirements

We understand that changing requirements are part of the business, and have built our model around this inevitability. Rather than build rigid project plans, our approach to project management allow us to work within a flexible framework while still providing the business with transparent regular reports that facilitate the monitoring of budgets, quality and timelines.

Software Integration

We believe that software solutions should embrace integration with other software applications used by the individual or the organisation, whether they are deployed locally (on the intranet) or within the cloud.

Data should be openly available

We always build our solutions such that they promote data sharing across the organisation, and do not impose any unnecessary boundaries. We believe that data you input into any software application is yours, and that you shouldn't have to rely on the software itself to share that information.

Our Team

Our team is made up of qualified and experienced individuals who possess a wide range of analytical, technical and project management skills.

We're actively seeking new members.

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