10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Numerous articles have been written about the advantages of moving to the cloud. Here we will summarise the main benefits:

Cost Effective – Compared to having to set up and operate data centres around the clock, the costs of cloud computing with its lower set up costs and pay-as-you-go pricing is probably one of the largest advantages.

Fast to Market – No time wasted in having to set up the hardware and related infrastructure. You are ready to go.

Information at their finger-tips – Provide your people with access to the information they need, wherever they need it.

Increased Collaboration – by allowing your people to share data from widespread locations.

Security – Advanced security through Virtual private cloud, encryption and API keys to ensure that your data is secure.

Resilience: eliminates redundancy and risk of outages, keeps information highly available.

Focus on your business – Cloud service providers will let you focus on your business while they manage the underlying infrastructure.

Latest Technology – Cloud Service providers regularly update their services to give their customers the most up-to-date technology. Also, the wide array of services available and continuously added by Cloud Service providers is impressive.

Scaling up (or down) – You can scale services to fit your current needs easily and continually.

Competitive Advantage – Cloud computing will give your company a competitive advantage by providing the most innovative technology available.

So what are you waiting for to capitalise on the advantages offered by the cloud? Building software that leverages cloud services and makes efficient use of cloud resources is what Cleverbit Software does best. So reach out to us to discuss how we can help you with your cloud strategy.

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