Afforestation of Park Majjistral

This CSR project is targeted towards nature and we are happy to have partnered up with Park Majjistral for a 3-year project.  Cleverbit Software’s aim is to plant a minimum of 100 trees over these 3 years,  depending on the amount of money we manage to raise.

We therefore asked our employees to also be part of this investment, in our future and also for future generations to come, by taking care of our planet and also help reduce the carbon footprint that we as a company produce.

The Majjistral Nature and History Park is the first Maltese National Park and covers a big part of North-West Malta. One of the main aims of the park is to restore natural habitats and, more importantly, the conservation of the park.  One of the ongoing projects is the afforestation of the park and hopefully with the help of donations we will be able to facilitate this process by each investing a small amount of money and donate them to the park NGOs.

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