Crafting positive conversations with your customers

Customers want personalised service, here and now. And if your company can’t provide this, there are many other companies out there that will.

At Cleverbit Software, we can help your business transform customer engagement from an expensive cost centre into a strong differentiator, and a source of innovation and competitive advantage.

Our Approach

A. Understanding what’s not working well with your current customer engagement processes

Nine times out of ten, the problem lies with the current technologies servicing the customer. But the solution is rarely about starting from scratch.

At Cleverbit, we don’t suggest changing technology just for the sake of it. We take time to understand what is working well, and what it will take to make the other things work better. Sometimes it could be about connecting systems together, improving workflows or making better use of existing functionalities. At times, another technology could be the answer, but we would only propose this if there is tangible ROI.

B. Defining the goals and related KPIs

Transforming your business is all about being clear as to where you are going. Helping you set realistic goals and KPIs, with customer satisfaction in mind, ensures that you get there. We will be there with you at every step of the way to see that you get there.

C. Helping customers help themselves

Usually a combination of automating the more mundane stuff, upgrading customer-facing interfaces, and providing the customers with the tools to help themselves through the customer journey, would be the first area we would work on.

D. Allowing you to focus on the more important stuff

We will work with you to upgrade the ability to service the remaining queries through improved internal processes and by providing employees with the right tools to deal with the more challenging tasks, on the customer’s channel of choice.

E. Delivering the benefits to your brand, your customers, and your employees.

We pride ourselves with delivering projects which deliver the goods, on time and on budget. More specifically, we help companies achieve tangible benefits, such as:

  • Improve first contact resolution.
  • Reduce customer (and employee) churn.
  • Convert customers into fans.
  • Prouder and happier employees.
  • Open up opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Reduce costs through an improvement in efficiency.

Our Technologies

These are the technologies and frameworks we are passionate about and love working with for customer engagement...


Things are changing fast. But you can be faster.


Build an online business — no matter what business you’re in.

Microsoft Dynamics

Give your business a reboot.

MS Power Automate

Take care of what's important. Automate the rest

Amazon Connect

Helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost.


We help your teams work as one from anywhere; happy customers everywhere.

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